Episode 22: The Irreplaceable Resource

What’s going on everybody? This is your captain speaking and I would like to welcome you aboard flight 22 of the White Tiger Podcast. On today’s flight, I am going to tell you why today is the richest you’ll ever be. We’ll also be talking about why you should be looking at things as an investment as opposed to looking at them as an expense. So before we taxi, this bad boy out to the runway, I would like to stand with tradition and recognize one awesome listener who left us an equally awesome review on Itunes. I’d like to take a quick moment to thank Karinaa for leaving me. Just a fantastic review. Yes, Karinaa. I also listen to podcasts daily and this one is also one of my favorites. So with that I send you a thousand thank you’s. So you may be asking yourself, well, how the hell do I get showered with little podcast love? Well, I have the solution for you, head on over to my bio in Instagram, or you can shuffle over to the website @wtpodcast.com. In both places, you’ll find a link to Itunes where you can head over and leave a written review telling us how much you absolutely love the podcast or for that matter, hate the podcast. I accept both, so please keep them coming. 


Hey, hey, hey, and how do you do what is going on? Everybody and yeah, welcome to Episode 22 of the White Tiger Podcast. I am going to start off as promised and talk about a topic that is very important to all of us. It’s actually wealth. Now. What if I were to tell you that everybody that is reading today is absolutely filthy rich and you may not even know that you are or may not even had the time to think that you actually are. When I say this and I talk about being wealthy or I talk about being rich, I’m not necessarily talking about it in the terms of dollars and cents or money. 

I’m talking about what it means to be wealthy and rich in the terms of time. So I’d like to start off by kind of bringing in this scenario of why we are rich. When it comes to time, which I think most of you may agree is really more valuable than money and something we also take for granted on a daily basis, so think about this for a minute. When we’re born, we essentially start off with is unlimited bank account of time for the most part, when we start life, we’re expecting to live a full life with a lot of years and within those lot of years, a lot of time as we get older, we become more familiar with in that bank account, so to speak, and we become wiser on how to spend that time out of that bank account. Now, for the most part, just like money, when you’re younger, you really don’t have a full understanding of its value, right? 


You don’t necessarily understand maybe the value of a dollar per se because you just don’t have maybe the work experience or the life experience to actually have an appreciation for what certain money is worth. That also applies when you’re young and you’re talking about the subject of time. When you’re young, you often have this mentality that you have unlimited time, that you don’t think about the moments you’re just out there living, not thinking about the time or the balance you have left in this account that I’m speaking about. It’s not until you get older and hopefully wiser that you really have a true appreciation for the value of time, especially as you even get older in life and realize that your account is now a lot less than where it started. Now. Unfortunately, there are those situations where people unexpectedly and suddenly lose all their time just like people in a way what kind of suddenly and unexpectedly lose all their money and I think sometimes people don’t realize that that is a possibility for all of us, which makes it so much more important to be focusing on the time we have and how we spend it. 


I mean, realistically, it’s something that we often take for granted because we all have this expectation for the most part that we’re all going to live long lives and that time for the most part can almost be limitless. Especially when you’re younger and you feel like you have more of it. Knowing. The interesting part about this whole thing, and I touched on it before, was you really don’t have a true understanding and value of time until you lived, you know, a good portion of your life and that you’ve gone through and realized like, man, I only have this much time left, but I need to do something with it. It’s a very motivating factor and in terms of money, well this also applies to actual cash money. When you’re younger, you can be more aggressive with your money, more aggressive with investing in what you do with it because hopefully you’ll be working longer and you can remake the money and as you get older you’re being more conservative with your money. 


You’re taking less risk with your money because you know that you’re not in the same position or have the time to go back out there and make that money. Again. This also applies to time and I think for so many people, and I’m going to be one to admit that I do it too, is we take it for granted. Like if we looked at it maybe the same way as we look at money, we’d be looking at our time completely differently. We would see it as being much more valuable than actually the physical money that we make and the wealth that we have. Because you know, time you can’t get back time. You could go out there and make more money but you just can’t get back time. Once you spend that time, you’re not getting it back. And that account that I was talking about doesn’t get full again. 


You can’t, you know, all of a sudden make a deposit of time. You know, I haven’t figured it out and I don’t have a Delorean with a flux capacitor that could maybe take me back to 1950. Not that I want to go back to 1950 or even know what 19 fifties like. But I think you kind of get the point. So the moral of this scenario is that we start off life with these large bank accounts of time, and as we live our lives, these bank accounts slowly, slowly get smaller and we start making withdraws from these accounts every day and it’s really what we do with that money or time out of that account is what really counts. But if you’re listening to this and you’re older, please use this as motivation. If you haven’t been doing it already and go out there and achieve those things that you want to achieve now, don’t procrastinate or put them off until later when you think you’ll have the time to do it because you may not, and if you’re younger and you’re listening to this, use this information as a huge resource, a resource that’s going to allow you to focus on how you spend your time, who you’re spending your time with, and ultimately where is your time going? 


Listen, I don’t do this that often, but I’m going to make a guarantee. I guarantee your life will be so much more exciting, so much more meaningful and so much more fulfilled when you start focusing on the value of your time. Now, listen, I wouldn’t be telling you the complete story if I just told you that focusing on time is going to make life so much easier and so much more fulfilling because there’s a little caveat to this whole thing. Sometimes spending too much time focusing on both money or that you may only have a limited amount of time to do the things you want to do can actually be very stressful. It could actually cause a lot of anxiety and can actually be a de motivator in the respect of someone can say, well, I don’t have enough time to do this so I’m not going to start or I’ll never have enough time to accomplish the things I want to do because I just don’t have the time to do it, and I’m sure that we’ve either said that or heard someone say that at some point to those people. 


I would say this one, relax two. It’s all about awareness. It’s about being aware of what you’re doing with the time that you have and just making it meaningful from this point forward. It’s not about winning or losing or black and white. It’s not about passing or failing. Don’t make excuses to stop before you even had the opportunity to start. Just being aware and not taking time for granted will already put you ahead of the curve and make life just that much better, I promise. All right, so now you’re motivated to go out there and start killing it, going out there and being intentional with your time, realizing that it has a ton of value and channeling your energy towards the things that are going to help you achieve your goals. Now, one thing that has really worked well for me and has been a huge game changer is looking at things as an investment verse as an expense, and obviously the whole idea behind an investment is that you’re going to get a return. 


So when you’re deliberate with how you invest your time, you’re hopefully going to get something back of value to yourself and your life. Whether it be personally or professionally as opposed to just wasting time that’s not bringing any value back to your life. You know, there are so many opportunities for us to do things that are just a complete expense. Listen, whether it’s the internet, whether it’s doing things that are not bringing value back to your life. I mean everybody has different wants and needs in life, but I got to tell you, you can easily get caught up on nonsense that is just wasting time. Whether it’s sitting in front of a TV and just not getting any value out of it. Whether it’s sitting on your phone and looking at social media for hours, you know, now they have apps that tell you how much time you’re spending on your phone and listen. 


If you need an app to tell you how much time you’re spending on your phone, that’s probably a good indicator that you’re spending too much time on your phone. I think if you were to go out there and interview a lot of successful people, you would find that they have many things in common, but one of those things that they have in common is the fact that they’re always learning, even though they’re out there providing value to a lot of people, they’re still going out, they’re investing their time and providing value to themselves so they could be a bigger resource to the ones that they’re helping, and another thing is is that they’re very deliberate with what they do with their time. They focus on how they spend it, who they spend it with. Ultimately, what type of value are they going to get out of it, especially when you’re position where you’ve had success, you get pulled in a lot of different directions, so you got to be really deliberate with what you’re doing with your time. 


So listen, if the people out there who are really successful are doing this and they’re having more success, what does that tell you? What does it tell me? Like what do I think that I should be doing? That means I should be more deliberate in my time. I should be more focused on who I spend it with and what I’m using it for, and ultimately you really need just to be a protector of your time because all those people that are doing really well out there are very conscious of their time and they try to limit as many interruptions as possible so they’re not wasting time. And you know the interruptions are absolutely endless because you know they’re going to come at you on a daily basis and you have to pick and choose which ones you want to give attention to and which ones you just can’t give attention to. 


Listen to perfect example is this. You damn well know that you’re going to get interrupted by some type of phone call today or some type of email or text message or direct message or kinda like that unexpected person that kind of pops into your life. Whether it’s work or personally that wants to talk about something and you may have to make a decision of whether or not you want to invest your time in entertaining these things. And this is not a call for everyone to shut off everybody and not do the things that you enjoy, but it’s just really more of raising awareness about what you’re doing with your time because time is, like I said, valuable and two, it goes pretty quickly and you could spend it pretty quickly and you could spend a lot of time doing things again that are really not moving you forward. 


And I guess ultimately that’s really what it means is that you want to hopefully direct your energy into stuff that’s gonna move you forward. So in the spirit of actually getting specific about the value of time and hold investment versus expense type of thing, I just want to give you a personal example. I’ve never explained. I only think I actually even told this to anyone before. So my confession to you guys is this. I cannot own a playstation or xbox. I don’t know if I’ve ever told that to anybody. Maybe other than some close people that I know, but I cannot own a playstation or xbox. And the reason for this is that if I owned a playstation or Xbox, I would literally go missing. You would not be able to find me or actually maybe you would be able to find me where you left me with the xbox or the playstation, but I would be completely lost and consumed by endlessly playing xbox and playstation games for hours and days on end. 


If you were to lock me in a room with some type of gaming console and check on me a week later, you would find me one buried and pizza boxes and energy drink cans. In addition, I would still, once you kind of tick all the boxes and energy cans off my body, which we be laying on the couch, I will be still playing even though I couldn’t see the screen, I would still be playing. That’s how consuming those things are to me and I just can’t have a part of my life is crazy as that sounds. Some people are like, keep me away from alcohol. Keep me away from cigarettes. You got to keep me away from gaming consoles because I’ll disappear. So after one too many playstation and Xbox, I had to have like an intervention and stopped and realized all right, so I’m now getting into is different portion of my life where like I’m taking my career and my life seriously now I need to stop wasting my time. 


I need to stop wasting time and listen. Not that it’s not entertaining because it is entertaining and I enjoy it, but I found that I wasn’t getting really any return for me just endlessly playing whatever it is, you know, any type of sports related games on the xbox. We just kind kinda what I gravitated towards. So once I realized there really wasn’t getting anything out of it other than just kind of entertaining myself and just kind of wasting time or just killing time between the things I really, really enjoyed doing or getting out and being active and stuff like that. You know, my perspective changed and really my priorities changed because now I’m starting to think about like, okay, what is going to add value to my life, to my family, to my business? And then I seek out those activities that are going to give me that return, right? 


So I’m going to maybe read some books and get some information for people in my space that are going to hopefully give me the knowledge to be a better resource to others. I’m now being more focused with spending my time with people that are going to be delivering a positive energy to my life both personally, professionally. And when you start giving those individuals and those type of activities more time, you’ll realize that wow, you actually becoming quote unquote richer, you know, more wealthy and you realize that your reach is extended and your network has gotten larger just because of what you’re doing with your time and because you’re more. You’re more focused and deliberate with your time. And that’s really kind of the difference between looking at your time and how you spend your time as an investment as opposed to just an expense. Because I’m going to tell you with TV, the Internet, social media, and I know I mentioned this a little bit before, but there are so many ways to distract. 

Like there’s so many things out there that will distract you from doing the things that are really important. And I listened. I would be lying to tell you that I don’t get caught up in that web sometimes myself. Um, I think I’m more aware of it now than I’ve ever been, but I still get caught up in it. And this process of really kind of being deliberate, paying attention to how you’re using your time is not easy because especially when you haven’t been thinking about it all in the past, it’s like developing any new habit. You have to be consistent with it and do it over and over again. And ultimately the goal here is just to get you aware of what you’re doing with the time that you have and really next time you find yourself on your phone or in front of a computer or TV or whatever it is you’re doing. 


You know, just taking that second to think about, okay, is this actually delivering value back to my life? Is this going to be helping me professionally or personally because of it’s not. You may want to just second guessed what you’re about to do or where you’re putting your energy. So there you go. The value of time. Go figure. Right? I spent so many years not even thinking about it and now all of a sudden I’m like more deliberate with it and things are great. So or I should say better. They’re actually a lot better. So now you can see why you were really filthy rich. You know, whether it’s you’re older or you’re younger and you’re listening to this. Listen, the fact that you’re more aware of what you’re doing, that’s huge. Some people never figure it out, so people go their whole lives and you know, Delaware to how many times you’ve ever heard of where the at the time gone. 


It goes so quick like I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done. Or you always hear those kind of sad stories about people you know at the latter part of their life having regret, like they’ve regret that they never did the things that they wanted to do or never had the opportunity or gave themselves the opportunity to pursue the goals that they wanted to pursue or do the things they wanted to do in life because either they felt like they never had the time or they never focused on how important their time was when they actually had it. So just remember, no regrets. That’s not going to be us. So listen, thanks for being here today. I really appreciate it. I actually thought this was a really good one. I enjoy talking about the topic. I hope you enjoy listening to it. And on a final note, thank you for being here because your presence makes me happy. 


I actually started to tear up there for a second. So this episode’s Big Call to action is please, please, if you haven’t done it already, subscribed to the podcast. And also, and I promise this will be a really great use of your time, is to leave a review on itunes. They go along way and hopefully extending our reach here at the White Tiger podcast and I can tell you it makes me feel real good and most importantly, it will be a good use of your time, which will bring value back to your life. I pinky swear also too, when you have the opportunity head on over to the podcast website, it’s wt podcast.com. You’ll find all our episodes there, or at least the link to all our episodes. It’s actually going through a little transformation as we speak, so all of these episodes are now going to be transcribed, so if you’re not one that likes to listen to podcasts, which would kind of be weird since you’re listening to a podcast. But if you know someone who doesn’t like to listen to podcasts when rather read a transcript of the podcast, direct amount over to wt podcast, I come this way. They can enjoy reading what we enjoy talking about. So on that note, I will catch you next week. Got some exciting stuff coming your way, so please tune in and I’ll see you next time !

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