Episode 22: The Irreplaceable Resource

What's going on everybody? This is your captain speaking and I would like to welcome you aboard flight 22 of the White Tiger Podcast. On today's flight, I am going to tell you why today is the richest you'll ever be. We'll also be talking about why you should be…

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Ass-hole in One: A Golf Story By Craig Casaletto Sometimes life lessons come from the most unlikely places. For me that place was golf. For those who have no interest or knowledge of the game.. it seems very simple in premise....hitting a small (not moving) white ball with a stick…

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By Craig Casaletto For a long period of time, I took solace in blaming others for my mis-fortunes and crappy attitude. The sun is too bright, the sky is too blue and good things just don't happen to good people. It was just way too easy to be a douche…

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